Puma Nitro Exploration Process
The Friends of 1st Ave Ba invited me to participate in their design and animation team for this Puma Nitro project. I had the opportunity to explore and design typography pieces, compositions with runner Footage and 3D simulation assets. 

Here I share a resume of the exploration process
Motion exploration 
Client: Puma 
Producer: Tia Demeris 
Agency: Mc Kinney 
Studio: 1STAVE BA
Creative: Will, Jenifer 
Director: Tim Brown 
Executive Producer: Scott Gemmell & Sabrina Elizondo 
Line Producer: Toby Rubin Sower 
Director: Tim Brown 
Managing Partner: Lautaro Brunatti 
Executive Producer Q1: Leticia Christoph 
Executive Producer Q2: Leticia Christoph & Florencia Bardas 
Line Producer: Toby Rubin Sower 
Coordinator: Magdalena Del Valle 
Editor: Mauro Caporossi, Dana Camila Amarill 
3D Producer: Cesar Moran 
3D Animation Artist: Bleed, Stato, Pleid 
Lead Composite artist: Edgardo Osorio 
Colorist: Pentimento 
Conform & online: Lucho Masdeu 
Art Director: Javier Bianchi 
Motiongrapher: Seba Muñoz, Nico Cesani, Lucas Gugliada & Diego Justino 
3D Modeler: Emilio Ibarra 
Generalist: Bleed 
3D animator: Pleid 
Look Dev: Stato 
Sound Mix: Bamba
Thanks you!

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